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In this advanced and modern world ,many problems that faced human's life have been solved through
many different ways, and one of these problems is baldness and hair loosing for both male and females,
and for that we invite you to take a tour of our website and find out yourself just what
ADVANCED HAIR CENTER can solve hair problems for you.

Post Implant Protocol

The periodic medical checkups, must be performed at the implant center,
and scalp hygiene belong to the post -implant protocol. Since the use of
aggressive substances damages the fibre ,medicap chemical divisions has
prepared a series of detergents and disinfectant products with ph7,to preserve
unaltered over time the chemical ,mechanical and physical characteristics of the
fibre and maintain the patient 's skin intact

Biofibre is soft flexible, fine and highly resistant. These characteristics enable:
rapid cicatrisation, invisible hole, pleasant and long-lasting aesthetic result.

Biofibre is available as follows:
-Appearance: similar to natural hair.
-Diameter: 0.08mm standard.
-Shape: straight
and in three different types of permanent wave or curl.
Biofibre can be washed and dried like natural hair.
It cannot be bleached, dyed or permanent-waved.

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