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  What is the Laser Treatment:

Our laser treatment combines the latest laser beam technology with a proven scalp
and follicle treatment program (Minoxidili).Whilst Minoxidil has been affective in the
treatment of hair loss ,it is the combining of both procedures that creates the laser

Tests have already proven that clients treated with Minoxidili have reported increased
hair growth in virtually half (48%in 1 year period) of all cases. An additional 36% of all
those treated reported some hair regrowth .Laser therapy accelerates this effect.

How does laser work for existing hair?

Scientific studies has shown that sunlight ,or the lack of it ,effects
our body chemistry. to stay healthy ,hair requires vitamin D ,generated
in our bodies by sunlight .Artificial light provides only a narrow band of
wave length rather than healthy ,natural full spectrum of sunlight.
our laser treatment supplements natural sunlight with a helium neon laser
producing a pure wave length at precisely the right frequency to revitalize
and repair hair.

84% report hair regrowth.

One of the great benefits of the laser therapy combined with Minoxidil is
that visible benefits can start occurring in a relatively short period of time.
in initial overseas tests on the essential ingredient in this program ,many
clients reported significant hair regrowth within 4 months and at the end of
the 12 months some 84% of the clients reported hair regrowth.

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